Connie Shompa
         Owner / Founder

    10475 Crosspoint Blvd. Suite 250
    Indianapolis, IN 46256
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Caring Care Home Services maximizes your health at home with available resources. We combine comfort with proven care techniques.

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About Us

We change the way you see professional caregiving – we bring it straight to your home.

Thank you for visiting the Caring Care Home Services website. We are newly licensed, bonded and insured agency located in Fishers, Indiana.

Caring Care Home Services was founded by Connie Shompa after nursing and caring for so many prominent business individuals in Indianapolis including professionals, judges, lawyers, fire-fighters among others. Your family is our family.

Many of our clients start with uncertainty but as the treatment progresses or the delivery of care gradually molds into your life at home, we believe that your view of caregiving will change significantly. For patients in generally, the most accepted way to receive care services is either by being admitted to a hospital or traditional forms of receiving care in a confined setting. This has changed greatly in the past years. Today, non-medical services make it possible for you and your family to stay together – at home – while our professionals are coordinated to visit the patient at home and deliver companionship, personal care and caregiving services.

Because non-medical home care services have become the more preferred alternative of receiving companionship or personal care, the industry went through a transformation. This puts you – and your family – in a more convenient position. Not only is home care a less costly alternative, it is more personalized. Each patient is given one-on-one treatment. At Caring Care Home Services, we have taken part in this great development. We see it as a way for us to materialize our sense of duty in caring for fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Seek help and you shall find it. Please call (317) 842-7942 to inquire about availability of services at Caring Care Home Services