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         Owner / Founder

    10475 Crosspoint Blvd. Suite 250
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Caring Care Home Services maximizes your health at home with available resources. We combine comfort with proven care techniques.

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Our Staff

Our compassionate caregivers care for seniors, those who cannot reach their abilities due to disability, to have just been released from hospital, rehab, etc. Our caregivers will make A Life of Difference to Your Loved One, no matter what!

Caring Care Home Services is non-medical and is specialized in Home Caring and Management and dedicated to provide our clients with all needs and to Groom them in the home.

Anywhere you go and wherever place you'll find yourself in; you will always look to HOME as the most comfortable place to be. However, when your health is increasingly impairing you from a normal quality of life at home, you'll need the help of experts.

Our services may just be your best option. At Caring Care Home Services, we are staffed with nurses, home health aides, caregivers and medical social workers who can be assigned to your case at home.

We also have care coordinators and case managers who can:

  • Help you settle back into your home after discharge from the hospital
  • Coordinate with your physician in the creation of a plan of care to be administered in a home setting
  • Ease your home-bound status by arranging for convenient and quality non-medical home care services

Our CaringGivers will provide a caring and safe environment for you or your loved one(s). With our care comes one-on-one assistance given with dignity and respect. We help you or your loved one(s) maintain independence and enjoyment of daily life just by being there for you. We have a specialized and skilled team of caregivers who have been trained by the Alzheimer's Association.

Would you like to speak to a care coordinator or case manager? We also have registered nurses who conduct health evaluations and/or consultations. Please call (317) 842-7942 for more information.